Prince Philip Nottingham Market Square Montage

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh inspects a guard of honour by the 8th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters, in the Old Market Square, 1949. (Source: Nottinghamshire Archives). Behind them a modern day shopper rides a mobility scooter, 2012. Photomontage by Paul Fillingham – Thinkamigo.

Pixels on parade: Then and Now

Sillitoe Trail Xtra: Paul Fillingham

A photoshoot with author Derrick Buttress by the Left Lion was the inspiration for a number of Old Market Square Montages

In May 2012, the Sillitoe Trail Team arranged to meet Nottingham ‘Broxtowe Boy’ author Derrick Buttress (1932-2017) outside the council house. Writers James Walker and Al Needham were familiar with Derrick’s work and happily posed for pictures by the left lion. The images were going to be featured in LeftLion magazine in support of an editorial piece about the Sillitoe Trail project. Derrick described how wartime Nottingham was populated by American GIs who were stationed here.

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With vintage images from the Nottingham County Archives loaded on an iPad, I was able to compose contemporary shots that could be used to create photomontages. Whilst aligning an image of HRH Prince Philip taken in 1949, we were lucky enough to capture a modern day shopper riding a mobility scooter across Old Market Square – a perfect foil to the suave demeanour of the royal signatory and his upright soldiers.


Derrick Buttress, James Walker, Al Needham

Sillitoe Trail writers, ‘Browxtowe Boy’ Derrick Buttress, James Walker and Al Needham. Source; Paul Fillingham – Thinkamigo.

Derrick Buttress on Parade Nottingham Market Square

Cecil Howitt’s Council House viewed from the junction of Friar Lane, Wheeler Gate and South Parade, 1928. (Source: Nottinghamshire County Archives). Author Derrick Buttress, stands outside Starbucks’ Coffee shop, 2012. Photomontage; Paul Fillingham – Thinkamigo.

LeftLion June 2012 cover

Nottingham author Derrick Buttress.  Inset; LeftLion magazine cover, June 2012. Source; Paul Fillingham – Thinkamigo.

The author posed for a photograph outside the Starbucks Coffee Shop at the junction of Friar Gate, Wheeler Gate and South Parade – matching a 1928 image, featuring the skeletal construction work of Cecil Howitt’s Council House. The resulting montage appeared on the front cover of LeftLion magazine in June 2012 and was also included in a crowd-funded anthology ‘LeftLion, The First 100 Covers‘ published in 2018.

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